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The Process


Carefully read, complete, and sign the Membership Application then return it along with the application fee. Once the application is received, a new member profile is entered into the ACFS database and a welcome letter is sent to the applicant to inform him or her of their acceptance into the ACFS. Associate Members are not certified but may petition for certification once enough professional anti-fraud related work experience is achieved (see Certification Program to learn more).



Tips and Important Details


  • Our Membership Application and Petition for Certification have now been combined into one document. If interested in membership without certification, please only fill out and return the application portion.

  • Download and save the Application to fill out electronically.

  • Applicants who do not want to send credit card information and checks by mail may pay the membership fee over the phone and mail or fax the membership application to us with the payment section left blank.

  • Submitting a resume along with a completed Membership Application is encouraged.

  • Acceptance letters can take up to two weeks to arrive in the mail (up to three weeks if sent internationally).


Download the membership application and read directions completely before signing and submitting.


Apply for Associate Membership

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