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The ACFS helps members who are public and private sector investigators, auditors, law enforcement, attorneys, and other risk management professionals connect. Why is this so critical? The ability to innovate based on newly acquired knowledge is the key to helping both fraud prevention professionals and citizens help keep the companies they work for safe.


Client/employer trust and reliance are the core values of membership. Our members are nationally recognized as professionals who have not only met the standards required to work in our profession, but are also professionals who have been carefully evaluated by their professional peers and have been found to merit advanced standing. Our members are highly sought after by clients and employers who need a specialist to handle their fraud concerns.


With chapters forming across the nation, the ACFS brings its members access to low-cost anti-fraud training, networking opportunities, career development tools, exclusive ACFS publications and many other benefits.


These are individual anti-fraud professionals who have sought our member program and have been granted the Certified Fraud Specialist (CFS) designation after attaining sufficient educational and professional experience in the anti-fraud field.

Undergraduate college students who are currently enrolled in a anti-fraud related field of study full time at an institution of higher education may join the ACFS as a Student Member.

Individual anti-fraud professionals with access to ACFS publications and benefits. Associate Members are not certified but may become certified once sufficient work experienence is acquired.

Members who have retired from being active in the field and wish to remain involved in the ACFS.


Companies with many employees seeking to join with the ACFS may pay a discounted rate for their memberships.

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