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What is The ACFS?

The Association of Certified Fraud Specialists (ACFS), an educational, non-profit headquartered in Sacramento, California, provides low-cost learning and networking opportunities to law enforcement, attorneys, and public and private sector investigators, auditors, and other risk management professionals.  The 501 (c)(3) organization also administers the Certified Fraud Specialist (CFS) designation helping members who work in the anti-fraud profession achieve leadership status, attain higher levels of recognition, authenticate skills, and transform knowledge into a meaningful career.

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The ACFS believes quality training should be within affordable reach of every anti-fraud professional. We also hold the idea of certification and the importance of standards in education in high esteem.


The ACFS is:


  • MCLE – Approved by the California State Bar as an MCLE Provider

  • POST – Approved by California POST as a CPE Provider

  • CFS-CPE – Accrediting Authority for CFS-CPE Providers





ACFS is committed to quality in education and public service. Its member services promote learning, education and professional development for anti-fraud professionals across the nation. ACFS members are equally committed to providing pro-bono work and to hosting events designed to help the public gain a better understanding of how fraud works and how to protect themselves from fraud abusers. Reach out to one of our local area chapters to attend a meeting and become involved in a community outreach effort.



Learn about ACFS History, Heraldry, and Chapters.

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