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The Process


Carefully read, complete, and sign both the Membership Application and the Petition for Certification. Return these forms along with the application fee and any documents necessary to complete the certification process. Once these documents are received, a new member profile is entered into the ACFS database and the certification documents are submitted to the Professional Standards and Admissions Committee (PSAC) to determine eligibility. Certification is attained when the PSAC confirms that a member's credentials meet the criteria of the ACFS Grandfathering Provision. Newly certified members receive notification and a Certified Fraud Specialist (CFS) shingle by mail one to two weeks after the entire process is complete.



Tips and Important Details


  • The Membership Application and Petition for Certification have now been combined into one document. If seeking Certification, please fill out and return both portions of this document.

  • Download and save the Application and Petition to fill out electronically.

  • Individuals petitioning for certification must be active Associate Members of the ACFS.

  • Petitions for Certification and Letters of Recommendation submitted to the ACFS must be signed by hand to confirm authenticity. These documents will not be processed if this requirement is not met.

  • Members seeking certification must meet all the criteria stated in the directions of the Petition for Certification.

  • The Membership Application must be processed before the Petition for Certification can be presented to the PSAC, however, these documents may be submitted at the same time.

  • As the PSAC meets once every 6 - 8 weeks, the certification process can take some time to complete.

  • Please allow one to two weeks after the PSAC meets to review petitioning document for a confirmation letter to arrive by mail (up to three weeks if sent internationally).

  • Applicants who do not want to send credit card information and checks by mail may pay the membership fee over the phone and mail the membership application to us with the payment section left blank.

  • In order to maintain the CFS designation, members must complete the ACFS annual CPE (continuing professional education) requirement of 24 profession related training hours per year; 16 of which must relate to fraud investigation and prevention. If a member is unable to complete the annual requirement, an extension may be requested for 48 CPE hours over a two year span.


Download the following PDF containing both the Membership Application & Petition for Certification, then read the directions completely before signing and submitting.


Membership Application & Petition for Certification

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