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Following in the footsteps of numerous nations of antiquity, our use of this symbol denotes watchfulness. Placed thoughtfully at the center of our national emblem, it represents the critical state of being each Certified Fraud Specialist must maintain.

This symbol represents that every Certified Fraud Specialist must endeavor to discern truth from deception, for by finding truth, we find justice.

This image symbolizes the obligation of every Certified Fraud Specialist to continue learning and to demonstrate mastery of the skills of their chosen profession.


The physical embodiment of wisdom, this symbol denotes that every Certified Fraud Specialist must competently carry out the charge(s) with which they are entrusted.

Denotes the initiation of a member as a Certified Fraud Specialist and their induction into a special profession, one with an unchanging commitment to duty.

Although no shield exists within our national emblem, one can clearly be seen. This occurs because the component parts of the emblem were specifically designed so that when all the parts are together, the eye "sees" a shield. This symbolizes that only through watchfulness, truth, learning, mastery of skills, wisdom,
and commitment to duty can a Certified Fraud Specialist truly serve as a "shield" to the public. If any one of these elements is absent, the Certified Fraud Specialists' effectiveness, like the shield, disappears.

A heavy cable or rope forms a circle around the perimeter of our national emblem and holds fast together the internal elements so the shield is formed. The cable encircling the emblem symbolizes the Certified Fraud Specialist's commitment to maintaining a shield for the public and, like the circle it forms, it is a commitment that has no end.

Our Founders inscribed on our national emblem the words - Knowledge, Service, Truth. These serve as a constant reminder of the precepts upon which our Association was founded.



The name of this order can be traced directly to one of our Founders. In remarks made to members during the formation of the ACFS, it was clear that his intention was the ACFS to serve both our profession and the public. In his eyes that service constituted being both a guide, and a shield, for those less capable of withstanding the schemes of fraudsters, shysters, and con-artists.


Since the day of our formation as a national entity, the ultimate purpose of the ACFS has built upon that original vision. We ARE a shield dedicated to protecting others from the depredations of white-collar criminals. In the Heraldry of our National Emblem, our Founders’ symbolized this purpose by creating a “shield” from our emblems’ component parts. In the spirit of our nation, where the “whole” is greater than any individual state – so is our “Shield” greater than the individual parts which comprise it.


Members inducted into the “Order of the Shield” have engaged in exceptional efforts. Because of them, a substantial number of professionals have learned of our Association, its’ mission and goals. More importantly, through their efforts professionals have joined our ranks in great numbers – giving our Association the strength to achieve even greater accomplishments. It is clear through the symbolism of our emblem, and the conduct of the members inducted, that the “Order of the Shield” is justly named and the members rightly inducted.


Congratulations to each inductee!



Recognizing that in every group or organization, even great ones, it is acknowledged that not all who belong will actively engage in advocacy of the organizations’ mission or purpose. However, there are some who will, by example or by deed, be responsible for the advancement of the groups’ efforts. Equally important, they will be responsible for other individuals adopting the groups cause and seeking admission into the group or organization.


Like all organizations with a worthy purpose, the ACFS has such members. Members whose actions have resulted in anti-fraud professionals seeking admission to the ACFS, taking a place within our ranks, and becoming supporters of the goals and mission of the ACFS. This order was created to both recognize and honor those members.


The name of this order can be traced directly to our National Emblem, and the concept can be traced to the remarks a new member made at the 3 rd National Fraud Conference in Buena Park, California in October of 2003.


In the Heraldry of our National Emblem, the Coil or Rope is discussed and identified as being the item that holds fast together the internal components of our emblem. While this is very true, for those that look very closely at the emblem they will see a very small, thin line on the inner side of the Coil that serves to strengthen the Coil. This very thin, but unbroken ring, is seldom noticed but it is always present and every day lends its strength to the Coil thereby making a difference – this is the “ Inner Circle.”


Members of the “ Inner Circle” have conducted themselves or engaged in such efforts as to cause others to see the merit of their efforts. And the order is justly named and the members of this order rightly inducted.


Congratulations to each member!

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