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Member FAQs

Q: When is my membership due for renewal?

A: Membership renewal dates occur annually but are processed quarterly, so members who joined in January, February, or March renew at the end of March. Those who joined in April, May or June renew are due at the end of June, and so on for each quarter.

Q: My renewal date is approaching, why haven't I received an invoice for membership dues?

A: Please call or email our staff if this is an issue. Usually invoices are not delivered successfully when we have incorrect or outdated mailing information in our database. Sometimes our international members do not receive our mail for other reasons, mainly when an address is not in the correct format.

Q: I petitioned for certification some time ago. Why is it taking so long for the PSAC to review my credentials?

A: The review process is actually quick; however, our PSAC only gathers once a quarter to review petitions which results in a waiting period. For the sake of efficiency, the PSAC does this to allow as many members a chance to submit petitions as possible. After the review is complete, petitioning members are notified of the results by mail.


Q: Why are there no updates in the Training & Events section of the ACFS website?

A: Due to some changes at the ACFS headquarters, including a transfer in leadership and the relocation of our office, our staff and instructors have had to delay plans to schedule CPE training events.

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